MD Martin Chvátal, Zürcherstrasse 92, 8406 Winterthur, Tel.: 079 258 36 52 , 079 155 97 65 , 0041792583652 , Fax 052 202 33 60, E-Mail: 

Medical practice of MD Martin Chvátal, General practitioner. Family physician.

Doctor’s profile:

Consultation by appointment

Home visits (visits to the patient’s residence)

The following topics and specialist fields were dealt with, with personal commitment within the scope of my work as a General Practitioner:

Treating adults, children and adolescents. (Passed the further education period as an assistant physician in a recognised paediatric practice in Switzerland(*).

Traffic medical Examination Level 2: Truck, Bus, Taxi, Uber

Psychiatric as well as psychosomatic treatment (first-aid treatment), consultation in case of addictive disorders. Assessment of the disease and delegation as well as arranging for further treatment. Referral to a psychiatrist. Consultation and arrangement in case of hospitalisation. Clinical experience in acute psychiatric treatment as an assistant physician at a recognised clinic in Germany(*) during the course of further education.

Treatment of patients with special needs and patients with mental or physical handicap. Physically handicapped patients in particular are visited at the suitable location (at their residence, at a specialised home) as agreed upon. The entrance to the clinic is via a flight of stairs without an elevator (not barrier-free).

Minor surgical operations, making hardening bandages (casts/splints).

Consultation for medical check-ups, vaccinations

Consultation for exercise therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, nutrition counselling, speech therapy.

Anthroposophical treatment and consultation. Arranging for rhythmic massages, therapeutic eurhythmy, speech formation with external therapists.

I politely request your understanding that the following treatments or practices in particular are completely barred for personal ethical and ideological reasons: prescription of hormonal contraceptives, medicines for abortion, all forms of an assisted killing (suicide).

Certificate of qualification for sonography SGUM (Swiss Society for Ultrasound in Medicine)

Memberships: FMH Association of Swiss Medical, Medical Society of the Canton of Zurich AGZ.

Practice equipment:

Spacious laboratory in the doctor’s office:

Direct determination of blood count, inflammation parameters, electrolytes, glucose, transaminases, heart enzymes, renal excretion parameters, urinalysis.

The following is planned for: Proof of infection in case of direct determination of Hepatitis C (swab of the mucous membrane of the mouth), HIV (from the capillary blood - small prick on the fingertip)

12 channel ECG


Efficiency for carrying out sonography especially of the abdomen and thyroid gland.

(*)Details are: a) notified upon request, b) can be viewed in the log-in area. Log-in area - access only with a personal password (registration required / SMS: 079 258 36 52)